Neo-Nazi former Senate candidate arrested for protesting Kentucky MLK Day celebration
Robert Ransdell (Courtesy: Jason Martin)

A Neo-Nazi who ran for the United States Senate in Kentucky last year on a "With Jews We Lose" platform was arrested at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event earlier this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Don Terry reports.

Robert Ransdell arrived at the government building in Florence, Kentucky with two placards, one of which read "Happy Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day," the other contained a collage of white people who had been murdered by black men.

Ransdell is the former regional coordinator for the Neo-Nazi National Alliance, and the current coordinator for the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group.

Within minutes of arriving at the King celebration, Ransdell said he was approached by three police officers who asked him to leave. He refused, claiming that he was on public property.

"I think it was just the record of token harassment I have got from this city in particular for my political activity in the past that moved me to just refuse to be bullied around anymore. As we were walking I stopped and said I am not leaving," told The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist site.

He was arrested shortly thereafter on a third degree charge of criminal trespass. After being booked, then released on his own recognizance, he returned to the King celebration in order to retrieve his vehicle. While on the way, however, he displayed his placards in a one man "freedom march," he said, "freedom from this rotten, phony, hypocritical, Jew-corrupted, non-White infested shithole of a country."

Ransdell insisted that he was illegally targeted for persecution. "I feel depressed at the fact that I was arrested, I have been able to walk that line over the years and it is something I have taken pride in, getting out there balls to the wall and at the same time not being shackled for doing so," he said.

"I wasn’t shackled literally today but I was handcuffed and arrested for doing nothing more than speaking out against this contrived and artificial hero the anti-White establishment has pressed on the Whites of this country as someone to put on a pedestal."

"There is always another day and another fight in this war," Ransdell added. "The events of this day have only made certain that that day and that fight is one I will be eagerly seeking out. We have hoax remembrance day coming very soon so there will not be long to wait."