OUCH: Man calmly seeks help after attacker impales him with metal rod
23-year-old Adam Armitage shows where a metal rod was stuck inside his head during an attack [YouTube]

Authorities in New Zealand are looking for the suspect who apparently stuck a metal rod inside his 23-year-old victim's head, the British newspaper 3 News reported.

The victim, Adam Armitage, was reportedly attacked late last week while he was parked on the street in the town of Katikati. The assailant allegedly punched Armitage before hitting him with the rod and fleeing the scene.

But Armitage was able to drive to a nearby gas station and walk inside to ask for help. Security camera footage shows him holding on to the rod, and turning to show how it was stuck in his head.

"I was like, 'Man is this a TV show? Is this guy for real?'" said the gas station's owner, Martin Gray. "It looked like a Halloween stunt where people wear those Halloween costumes over their heads, but it was pretty real when he turned around and blood was coming down the side of his head."

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Armitage asked the cashier on duty at the time if he could contact police.

"He wasn't freaking out or anything," Shea said. "He knew what had gone wrong and he said he knew his first aid and that, so he didn't try to rip it out or anything."

Armitage was taken to a local hospital, where the rod was removed, before being airlifted to Wakato Hospital in Hamilton, about 115 miles away. He is currently listed in serious but stable condition.

Watch footage of Armitage inside the convenience store, as posted online, below.