Pastor's sermon in the Georgia House instructs lawmakers to end the ‘erotic liberty’ of gays
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church's Rev. Bryant Wright (Vimeo)

A Baptist pastor who was invited to give a devotional at the Georgia state House on Wednesday urged lawmakers to fight against the rights of LGBT people, which he called "erotic liberty."

According to a report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Aaron Gould Sheinin, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church's Rev. Bryant Wright called on lawmakers to protect citizens "against evil."

"It is just one example of what our culture is going to increasingly see as an issue of erotic liberty versus religious liberty," Wright opined. “We’re liable to see this with our military chaplains in the years ahead if they in good conscience believe they cannot perform same-sex weddings and could be kicked out of the military.”

Wright added that religious liberty was a “foundational aspect” of the U.S. Constitution, and that it was necessary for the "common good and welfare of man.”

And he said that lawmakers should remember those principles “even though a majority of your constituencies have embraced erotic liberty over religious liberty.”

Fox News contributor Erick Erickson, who is a Georgia resident, wrote on Twitter that he was "so very proud of Bryant Wright being bold in his faith and strong in his leadership."

But not all of the lawmakers welcomed Wright's message. The Journal Constitution's Sheinin reported that state Rep. Simone Bell (D), who is a lesbian, confronted the pastor after his sermon.

"Told him he is a disgrace to the clergy, the Word and the state of Georgia," she wrote on Facebook. "That he squandered his opportunity to bring a message of love to people who have sacrificed to serve the state. That his religious freedom is not being trampled upon, but that he is trampling upon mine and 300,000 + more Georgian's religious freedom to be who God created us to be."

"He responded that we clearly have a difference of opinion. I told him we have a difference of HUMANITY."

Just one day earlier, as many as 200 people had gathered at the Capitol to protest the firing of Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran, who had authored an anti-gay book without permission.

Video of Cochran's Tuesday remarks is below.