The real agenda for the forced-birth March for Life crowd in one creepy tweet
Adam Cassandra (Twitter)

Today in Washington, DC a substantial gathering of predominately white people -- most of them bused in -- are attempting to make the case that women are second-class citizens whose lady-brains are not to be trusted with making reproductive choices for themselves, while at the same time saying those same ladies should be trusted with a newborn.

Smart take.

Each year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade,  people who subscribe to the perfectly sensible notion that there is a greater intelligence somewhere out there who watches and judges their every move -- at the same time they disregard the crazypants idea that some women aren't interested in being mommies now and maybe even later -- show up for the March For Life because: Jesus.

At least that is the notion of many of the youngsters, mostly female, bused in from Christian and Catholic schools to present a freshly scrubbed face in place of the withered old men and women who think those same schoolgirls are in mortal danger every minute of every day of spreading their whore legs. Probably for an atheist. Also, there will be 'sexting.'

Nowhere is that more perfectly inferred than in a tweet by Adam Cassandra, the 'Fundraising Communications Manager' at Human Life International ("For the Glory of God and defense of Life, Faith and Family") who was .... oh, let's call it "dismayed" by the attire of the young Up With Babies, Down With Abortion gals who were, to his eyes, struttin' their sexy-stuff:

How is one to celebrate the miracle of life -- the Spark of God that marries one speedy sperm and one egg with a come-hither vibe to make a baby -- with all of those pert buttocks and long tawny legs being shoved down your throat.  In a manner of speaking.

Those tramps. Those harlots. The trollops. Those long lean thighs....

Women wearing yoga pants -- or tights or leggings or whatevs -- have become a bugaboo for the panty-sniffers as of late, with Cassandra confederate-in-Christ Matt Walsh lamenting the lasciviousness of it all.

For the uninitiated, leggings are those skin tight spandex pants that were originally designed to be worn under other pieces of clothing, but which have now become popular as regular attire for some women. They are tailored to accentuate every curve, and as the saying goes, they leave little to the imagination. In other words, if worn on their own and not underneath something else, they’re immodest. Of course they’re immodest. If spandex butt-huggers aren’t immodest, then what is? Do you have to actually walk into the grocery store wearing nothing but socks and a sign that says “HEY LOOK AT ME” before we can accuse you of being a bit too forward?

The problem is quite simple, ladies.

Walking around in "spandex butt-huggers" distracts men of Good Faith. And if they're spending too much time thinking about controlling their own boners, where will they find the time to think about controlling your uterus?

God only gave them so many minutes in the day...