'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson lectures CPAC on hippies, herpes and the Bible
Phil Robertson speaks to CPAC

Duck Dynasty television star Phil Robertson told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday that 110 million Americans were infected with sexually transmitted diseases and that it was "the revenge of the hippies."

After accepting the Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award, Robertson stepped up to the CPAC podium and pulled out a Bible that appeared to be held together with duct tape.

"In case one of you gets to be president of the United States, make sure you carry your Bible and your woman," the reality star advised. "I'm just saying, safety. Safety."

According to Robertson, the United States was "almost" at a place where both religion and morality had been lost.

And to make his point, he asserted that the CDC said that 110 million people in the United States were suffering from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

"I don't want you to die early!" he exclaimed. "It you're disease free and she's disease free, you're married, you keep your sex right there, you won't get sick from a sexually transmitted disease! Come on!"

"There is a penalty to be paid from what the beatniks and it morphed into the hippies!" the Duck Commander continued. "What do you call the 110 million people who have sexually transmitted illnesses? It's the revenge of the hippies! Sex, drugs and rock & roll have come back to haunt us! In a bad way!"

Robertson said that he had done additional research on the CDC website and found out that only one encounter was necessary to contract a sexually transmitted illness.

"How many seconds does it take to get genital herpes?" he asked the CPAC audience. "It said 30 seconds. I'm like, whoa, that's pretty quick."

"You want a godly, biblical, medically safe option? One man, one woman, married for life."

Watch the video below from CPAC.