Megyn Kelly will 'kind of' miss Jon Stewart: His criticism felt 'like I'd been punched in the face'
'Kelly File' host Megyn Kelly on biracial conservative couples on Jan. 31, 2014. [Fox News]

Even though Fox News host Megyn Kelly wasn't upset by Jon Stewart's departure from The Daily Show, she still marked the occasion on Friday by picking some very particular clips, Media Matters reported.

"As an homage to him, we've chosen the few clips we could find where he was hitting me, but it wasn't too hard," Kelly told Fox colleagues Howard Kurtz and Chris Stirewalt. "I didn't feel like I'd been punched in the face."

Kelly said that she enjoyed "consuming" Stewart's product at home but felt that he "got a little nasty" toward the end of his tenure on The Daily Show. Stewart announced earlier this week that he would step down later this year.

Kelly added that she personally felt that many of Stewart's commentaries about her "had no foothold in the facts."

"He would attack me [saying], 'You had this person, why didn't you ask these questions? Why did you only pursue this line of inquiry?'" Kelly said. "If you had watched the program, I did ask all those questions, just with the very next guest. But that would never be represented."

Kelly then said that, while she was not getting defensive about Stewart, that his alleged misrepresentations of her would be forgotten because people thought he was funny.

"I'm here to tell you that he reduced some people to tears," she said.

The Kelly File host's "homage" did not include Stewart's memorable response to her allegation in 2013 that Jesus Christ and Santa Claus were white.

"I will kind of miss him," she said at the end of the short montage.

Watch the discussion, as posted by Media Matters on Friday, below.