Rick Perry goes apocalyptic at CPAC with best ISIS freakout of the day
Former Texas governor Rick Perry at CPAC

The speakers at CPAC have each warned the conservative audience in Maryland that America is ruined, the end days are upon us, and similar gloomy things about a country they claim to love.

But former Texas governor Rick Perry took the fearmongering to another level on Friday, as he tried to express just what a danger the Islamic State is to our freedom and liberty.

"The president declared in the State of the Union that the advance of ISIS has been stopped, and that is simply not true," Perry said. "He says that ISIS is a religious movement. Again, he's simply wrong."

Oops. Of course, the governor meant to say that Obama has denied that ISIS is a religious movement. But that little error didn't slow Perry down.

"To deny the fundamental religious nature of the threat and to downplay the seriousness of it is naive, it is dangerous, and it is misguided," he continued. And then came the real payoff...

"ISIS represents the worst threat to freedom since communism."

Yowza. That's a bit over the top. But the man was on a roll, and he's doing his best to pretend he has a shot in a crowded field.

Here, watch his performance for yourself...