Antigay activist: Don Lemon chose to be gay because he was molested as a child
Peter LaBarbera (screen capture)

Strident anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera said in an interview earlier this week that CNN anchor Don Lemon's homosexual orientation is a result of the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, even as he insisted that homosexuality is a choice.

Right Wing Watch reported that LaBarbera was enlarging upon one of his pet themes, that gay men usually "were victims of predators, older men, as teenage boys, they were seduced into the lifestyle."

On Monday, LaBarbera -- currently the director of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality -- appeared on the Voice of Christian Youth America radio show. After a lengthy diatribe about how LGBT activists are the new Nazi propagandists, as well as the current impermissibility of "ex-gay" speakers being allowed into public schools to spread their message of sexual redemption through Christ, LaBarbera brought up Don Lemon.

"Many homosexuals who now consider themselves, quote, 'gay,'" he said, holding up his fingers in quote signs, "like Don Lemon, who's a host on CNN, once were molested as boys. And what's stunning is that many of these homosexual advocates make no connection between being abused by homosexual predators in their youth and their current embrace of the gay lifestyle."

"Somebody needs to ask Don Lemon," he continued, "'Did you choose to be gay?'"

"It seems that since Don Lemon was the victim of a homosexual predator, somebody chose homosexuality for him," LaBarbara concluded.

In the same conversation, however, LaBarbera defended putative Republican 2016 candidate Ben Carson, for asserting the homosexuality -- and what LaBarbera calls "embracing the gay lifestyle" -- is something that people choose to do, in defiance of the will of God.

Watch the video, embedded below via Right Wing Watch: