Bill Maher and Bob Costas complain: More liberals need to call out politically-correct 'bullsh*t'
Bill Maher interviews Bob Costas on 'Real Time' on March 20, 2015. [YouTube]

NBC Sports host Bob Costas and Real Time's Bill Maher argued against partisan rhetoric and "political correctness" during an interview on Friday, as well as President Barack Obama's refusal to use the phrase "Islamic extremism."

"You need people on the left to call this bullsh*t out," Costas told Maher. "Just as you need people on the right to call conservative bullsh*t out. There are legitimate conservative positions. I often find myself saying, 'That's a good point that George Will made. That's a good point that Rich Lowery made.' It may not be the entire thing -- it's a conservative point -- but there's some truth in it."

"Common sense is not common, not anymore," Maher responded.

At the same time, they both ripped on the criticism Costas has received from sports fans who accuse him of bringing "political correctness" into their world for no reason.

"Basically, when people say that, what they're really saying is, 'Hey, just don't say anything that I disagree with, and stop interrupting the game,'" Costas said.

Maher and his guest then recounted the controversy that erupted after Costas addressed the prevalence of gun ownership among National Football Players following his commentary on Kansas City player Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide in 2012.

Costas pointed out that newly-signed Dallas player Greg Hardy also had a history with guns and violence against women; Hardy was found guilty of, among other things, throwing his then-girlfriend onto a bed that had various firearms on top of it.

"Is this what the founding fathers had in mind -- that Greg Hardy should be armed to the teeth, that private citizens should be able to purchase 'cop killer' armor-piercing bullets? That you should be able to have an AK-47?" Costas asked. "I mean, carry it to its logical conclusion: If you're fearful of a tyrannical government taking away your rights as a citizen, then you ought to have a bazooka. You ought to have a tank. You ought to be able to have nuclear weapons before ISIS can get their hands on them."

Watch the interview, as posted online on Friday, below.