Bryan Fischer: Satan tricked Megyn Kelly into calling Bobby Jindal out on immigration
Fox News host Megyn Kelly on July 1, 2014. [Fox News]

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer suggested to a caller on Friday that Fox News host Megyn Kelly was fooled by the Devil into questioning Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's (R) anti-Muslim immigration plan, Right Wing Watch reported.

Fischer argued that the disagreement between Kelly and Jindal was spurred by "the God of this world," as described in the book of Corinthians and commonly referred to as Satan.

"That being has the capacity, supernaturally, to fool people. Supernaturally, to deceive people," he said. "He can blind people to the plain and honest truth."

The caller, "Jim," was upset that Kelly challenged Jindal on her show on Wednesday over his idea to ban "radical Islamists" from entering the country.

"Who decides how far into Sharia law you have to be?" Kelly asked Jindal at one point. "Who decides who's a radical Islamist and who's just an Islamist?"

Jindal, whose claims of Muslim-run "no-go zones" in Europe earlier this year were roundly debunked, argued that his plan would keep people who "treat women as second-class citizens" out of the U.S.

"Why not?" she countered. "This is a country with lots of crazy beliefs. And actually, some religions continue to treat women as second class citizens and it's not just some forms of Islam. Are we going to start banning everybody who doesn’t treat women or children or criminals for that matter the way we like?"

On Friday, the caller fretted that the governor and the Kelly File host " don't seem to be able to align on things that ought to be understood as self-evident."

Fischer agreed, calling it "alarming" that someone as influential among conservatives as Kelly would not agree with Jindal on the issue.

"She just simply does not get it with regard to the danger of Islamic immigration, and she doesn't seem to get the fact that Congress can set the rules of immigration," Fischer said. "If they want to prohibit people who are fans of Sharia law from coming to America, they have every right to do it."

Watch Fischer's commentary, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Friday, below.