Family Research Council blames 'nemesis' Dan Savage for racist Oklahoma frat video
Dan Savage speaks to CNN on March 8, 2015.

A senior fellow at the Family Research Council (FRC) tried to link columnist and activist Dan Savage to the video of fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma singing a racist song, Right Wing Watch reported.

"This comes at a time when you have one of our nemeses, Dan Savage, who is now having his life story being portrayed on a new sitcom on ABC," Ken Blackwell said on Tuesday's episode of the FRC radio show Washington Watch.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the untitled sitcom based on Savage's life will deal with "a picture-perfect family that is turned upside down when the youngest son comes out of the closet."

Sexuality was not mentioned in the profane song Sigma Alpha Epsilon members were caught singing on video, which included the phrase, "There will never be a n*gger SAE." As Reuters reported, two students have been expelled in connection with the video, and the fraternity was shuttered and vacated on orders of university President David Boren.

While Blackwell praised Boren's sanctions against the fraternity, he argued that Savage was connected to the video, without giving specifics.

"You know, here's a guy that's responsible for the coarsening of civil discussion and conversation being celebrated, at a time when there are knuckleheads who are still spewing from their lips the sort of nonsense that we've heard from these fraternity members," Blackwell said.

Listen to his remarks, as posted by Right Wing Watch, below.