Fake Georgia cop yells 'f*cking n****rs,' pulls shotgun on skateboarders for being in the street
A smoking 12 bore shotgun having ejected spent a cartridge (Shutterstock.com)

A Georgia man was arrested this week for assault and impersonating an officer after he allegedly shouted racial slurs and threatened a group of people with a shotgun.

According to a police report obtained by The Hinterland Gazette, Douglas Todd Laponzina attacked three residents who were skateboarding on Monday.

“If you f*cking n*ggers don’t get out of the street, I am going to call the cops," Laponzina allegedly told the skateboarders.

The incident report said that Laponzina returned to his home and “emerged from the rear of his house with what appeared to be a shotgun."

According to police, Laponzina pointed the shotgun at the three individuals. And one of the victims, recalled Laponzina saying that “he was an officer of the law."

Police obtained cell phone video of Laponzina's behavior from one of the victims. All of the victims told investigators that they feared for their lives, and that Laponzina smelled like he had been drinking.

Laponzina was charged with aggravated assault, and impersonating a public officer or employee. Officer obtained a search warrant and recovered multiple firearms from Laponzina's home, including 9 mm Luger/Tec-9 and a Romanian SAR 1 (AK-47) assault-style rifle.

The Hinterland Gazette reported that Laponzina had been accused of using a firearm to threaten an individual at Wild Wings Cafe in October of 2014.

Fulton County Jail records indicated that Laponzina had not been released on bond as of Wednesday.