Oklahoma Republican threatens to light himself on fire at courthouse to protest abortion rulings
Marching for women's rights (Shutterstock)

From the floor of the statehouse, Oklahoma Republican Kevin Calvey threatened to leave the building, walk across the street to the state Supreme Court, pour gasoline on himself, and light himself on fire in a suicide protest against a 6 percent raise for court employees.

NewsOk reports that on April 22, Oklahoma legislators were debating state Senate Bill 548, which would "provide 6 percent raises, paid from court fees, for Supreme Court justices and other appellate court judges and employees."

Calvey was not about to vote for any salary increases for his counterparts in the judicial branch. Calvey is angry at them for striking down several laws restricting abortion.

The News and Tribune released a short video Tuesday showing Calvey threatening suicide by fire at Oklahoma statehouse.

"Members, this kind of injustice simply can't stand," Calvey tells colleagues, "If I were not a Christian and didn't have a prohibition against suicide, I'd walk across the street, douse myself in gasoline, and set myself on fire to protest the evil that is going on over there, killing, giving the death penalty to the will of the people and the will of this body in protecting the least among us."

"But I (pause) don't believe in suicide," Calvey continues, "so what I'm left with..."

A voice off camera interrupts Calvey and calls on Brian Reneger, to take the floor. "Would you please ask the representative to stay on subject of the matter?" Reneger inquires.

Calvey has a colorful history in Oklahoma politics. In 2010, he and other plaintiffs (including two of Oklahoma’s most prominent fundamental Christian pastors) launched a suit against Obamacare in a press conference at the state Capitol.

Also in 2010, Calvey urged fellow elected officials not to attend the Council on American-Islamic Relations Oklahoma chapter's annual banquet at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Calvey has repeatedly expressed concerns that CAIR is a front organization for Hamas.

In February, Calvey championed legislation that would make it illegal to arrest any state official accused of a public offense. Fearful of what he sees as "malicious prosecution" dogging former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Calvey introduced House Bill 2206 to protect himself from the potential of politically-motivated criminal charges.

NewsOK observes, Calvey's legislation "is not specific on what would be considered a public offense."

Watch Oklahoma lawmaker Kevin Calvey threaten to light himself on fire at the Oklahoma Supreme Court: