South Carolina cop shooting so bad, even Ben Carson calls it an 'assassination in the streets'
Ben Carson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Possible Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Wednesday that he was shocked by the "execution" of unarmed South Carolina man Walter Scott by a white North Charleston cop, but urged people not to make generalizations about law enforcement because only "that particular policeman" had been too quick to kill a black man.

In an interview with BuzzFeed's Ilan Ben-Meir, Carson lamented that it was "horrible to see an execution taking place in the streets like that."

"Do you think the police are too quick to shoot people, especially black men and boys?" Ben-Meir wondered.

"Well certainly that particularly policeman was too quick to do it," Carson laughed. "I don't know that you can always generalize in a situation like that. But certainly, that officer was wrong."

"I think it’s so obvious that he was wrong that this provides an excellent opportunity for law enforcement personnel across the country to really come out and condemn this. And if they do that tells us a lot. And if they don’t that tells us a lot."

Earlier this year, Carson had criticized the black community for protesting the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“It’s basically crying wolf,” he said on C-SPAN in January. “That really delegitimizes us. And yes those lives are important but we need to be thinking about things that what we can do to prevent those situations from occurring in the first place.”

Listen to the audio below from BuzzFeed.