Daytime TV host defends Christian cake bakers by likening gay marriage to ISIS beheadings
"Loose Women" host Coleen Nolan (ITV/screen grab)

Viewers are calling for British television host Coleen Nolan to be fired after she compared gay couples who want to buy wedding cakes to the radical Islamic group ISIS.

The Mirror reported that Nolan made the remarks during a panel discussion on ITV's Loose Women, a daytime talk show with a similar format to The View in the U.S.

Host Janet Street-Porter said that she had sided with Christian bakers who had refused to bake a cake with a message in support of same-sex marriage because she did not consider them to be bigots.

"I've has so many rows with my gay friends about this who say, 'Can't you see what they did wrong?'" she explained. "And yes, I can see what was wrong about it. But I also have tremendous sympathy for them."

According to Street-Porter, same-sex couples already couples already had equal rights under the law so "they can choose where to go get their cakes."

"If you went in somewhere and two days later they said we don't want to make your cake because of our beliefs and all that, you would just never go back to that shop," Nolan opined. "And you would probably say to all your gay friends, 'Don't go there.'"

"But having said that, what if somebody walked in and said, 'I want a cake and I want the whole Islamic state on it, and how I support it, and I how I support them killing our people,'" she added. "Because it's a business, do they have to make it?"

The Independent noted that officials at ITV have declined to respond to viewers' calls for Nolan to be fired.

Watch the video below from ITV.