Did this Fox host seriously just ask black people why they don't riot when police officers get shot?
Fox News host Anna Kooiman

Fox News host Anna Kooiman on Sunday lashed out at the black community for not rioting when police officers were killed in the line of duty as they had over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

On Sunday's edition of Fox & Friends, Kooiman reported that an undercover officer was shot in Queens while stopping a suspect who police said was suspiciously tugging at his waistband.

"For context, five NYPD officers right here in this city, shot in the past five months," co-host Ed Henry noted.

"Well, you wonder where the outrage is," Kooiman opined. "You see everything that's going on in Baltimore with the unrest, the riots, the arsonists, the looting."

"And you don't wish that upon any community -- and certainly none of us are advocating that when a police officer is murdered -- but where is the outrage?"

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast May 3, 2015.