Faith healer sues atheist video blogger for using science to expose him on YouTube as a ‘swindler’
Faith Healer Adam Miller (YouTube/screen grab)

A self-described faith healer has filed a lawsuit against atheist video blogger Stephanie Guttormson after she posted a video debunking his claim that he was a medical professional.

Guttormson, who is Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation, posted a video to YouTube last December explaining why she was skeptical that Adam Miller's 1977 near death experience (NDE) gave him special abilities to heal people.

"Let's start by pointing out that the germ theory of disease accounts for how illnesses affect us," Guttormson pointed out. "He makes this claim that these experiences in your lives and traumas create dark cellular structure -- whatever that is -- and that by invoking this magic spirit, it will come down and break up this -- quote, unquote -- dark cellular structure."

"Sometimes we want the answers so badly and want to help so badly that we'll believe just about anything," she added in a subsequent video. "Usually out of fear and hopelessness and desperation."

"Adam Miller is a charlatan, he's a swindler, he's a snake oil salesman. You risk your lives delaying or forgoing proper medical treatment by going to him for help. And more importantly, for believing his unsubstantiated claims."

Miller posted a video in response announcing that he would take legal action for copyright and other violations. According to the faith healer, Guttormson "mutilated and molested" his original video, which he said was "a very holy work."

Miller's video also repeatedly suggested that Guttormson could not be trusted because she was transgender.

"She never once states herself what she is or who she is," a woman in the video notes.

"She's not actually showing anything for the community either by saying, you know, she was a guy," a second woman agrees. "She's not really being who she is. You know, she's lying about that."

On a GoFundMe page created to fund her defense, Guttormson said this week that she had been officially served with a summons to appear in court.

Watch the video below from ThinkStephtically.

Watch the video below from Adam Miller.

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