Tamir Rice's mother now living in a homeless shelter to avoid 'killing field' where police shot him dead
Samaria Rice (left) with her uncle Mike Rice during a press conference on May 4, 2015. [WEWS-TV]

The family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice rejected Cleveland officials' request that they delay a civil suit against the city, citing mental trauma his fatal shooting at the hands of police has caused his mother, the Washington Post reported.

Rice's family said in a court motion filed on Monday that his mother, Samaria Rice, "has since been forced to move to a homeless shelter because she could no longer live next door to the killing field of her son."

Attorneys for the city had requested that the family delay its suit while the November 2014 shooting is being investigated, saying it would protect the two officers involved, Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann from having to give statements before knowing if they will be charged in connection with the shooting.

WEWS-TV reported that Samaria Rice criticized the slow pace of the investigation in a press conference on Monday.

"I want to know, how long do I have to wait for justice?" she said. The family said at the press conference that it is being represented by attorney Benjamin Crump, who also worked for the family of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

"It is so sad that the face of police brutality in America is going to be the 12-year-old face of Tamir Rice," Crump said, adding, "No one is being held accountable for the death of Tamir Rice."

Rice was shot and killed what was later determined to be a toy gun. Footage of the incident shows officers shooting him within seconds of pulling up to his location, then handcuffing his sister while failing to provide medical help for him.

Watch video of Rice's family's press conference, as posted by WEWS on Monday, below.