The 'Mad Men' finale's naked hippie played 1,000 cats in a mini-musical and it is awesome
Brett Gelman performs '1000 Cats' [TheVerge]

While some fans of Mad Men might only have discovered comedian Brett Gelman during Sunday's series finale, his oevure extends into the musical realm -- specifically, a one-man theatre spoof in which he plays 1,000 cats.

The Verge's Chris Plante took note of Gelman's "One Thousand Cats" on Monday, reporting that the 16-minute show started as a half-hour project.

"'One Thousand Cats' is not a play," he says in the video, playing an artiste. "It's not a musical. It's not even really a performance; it is a universal consciousness that is physicalized through me."

Clad in cat ears, Gelman's character goes on to vocalize the life struggles of each and every single cat promised in the title. As The Apiary put it, "no cue cards, no teleprompter, just a streaming onslaught of mewing kitties one after another."

Gelman debuted the one-man show in 2009. Since then, the Illinois native has gone on to several projects, including a co-starring role on the sitcom Married before appearing on Mad Men -- naked -- as a member of the hippie commune Don Draper (Jon Hamm) joins in Big Sur, California.

"It was crazy," Gelman told Vulture regarding the shooting process for the finale. "I can't imagine how wild it was for [Hamm] because he was the only regular cast member who was there. None of the people from the beginning were on set with him."

Watch "One Thousand Cats" in its entirety, as posted online, below.