4-year-old girl dies after accidentally shooting herself in the face
4-year old girl shot herself dead by accident (Screen capture)

A 4-year old girl who shot herself in the face died last Friday, the New York Daily News reports.

Little Mikalyla Manners shot herself accidentally in her family’s apartment in Yonkers, New York on Monday, said the police. A hospital spokesperson at Jacobi Medical Center said she died Friday in the hospital, according to the Daily News.

Neighbors said the girl had shot herself accidentally, but the cause of the shooting is still under police investigation.

A semi-automatic was found at the scene by the police, but it's unclear how it got there.

The girl was found critically injured on the ground by a neighbor and family friend who had heard the gunshot and run to the scene. At the time, the girl's aunt was in the apartment but a different room and the girl's mother was outside with friends, according to the neighbor.

"(The girl) was laying on the floor, she was very responsive, she was squeezing my hand and I was talking to her. She had one eye open," the neighbor told the Daily News.

"She is a brilliant little girl," she said.

An investigation is underway and no one has been charged, according to the Daily News.

Watch the video about the shooting below, courtesy of the Daily News.