Michael Ian Black destroys Twitter conservatives who deny Charleston shooting suspect is white
Michael Ian Black (Shuttershock)

Comedian Michael Ian Black took to Twitter on Thursday for some scathing critique of the media and Twitter users alike for employing racially-charged double standards and playing off biases in the wake of terrorist attacks.

After a shooting rampage by white suspect Dylann Roof killed nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night, the media was criticized for neglecting to report his race. There was also widespread criticism for the media's general penchant for quickly labeling violence committed by Muslims as "terrorism," while giving white perpetrators sympathetic treatment.

Black noted the high frequency with which white men commit acts of mass violence.

That tweet apparently hit a nerve with many who don't think the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are white because they're Muslim. The Tsarnaev brothers are Russian.

Black also got into a heated exchange with conservative Miami Herald columnist AJ Delgado, who set her profile to private. She said the surveillance footage photo released of Roof during the manhunt didn't look like a white man to her. "I know media wants to run a racial angle here but the guy doesn't look white?" she wrote. Still in denial, she tweeted, "None of this story adds up. Even if a 'white supremacist,' their targets/hatred isn't usually church-going African-Americans."

Irate Twitter user Peter Atkins pinged Black, saying "I didn't know someone could be so ignorant, but when I saw you worked for Fox News I believed it." Black, a comedian, actor and writer, does not work for Fox News, nor did he work for the CIA, as his profile says in jest.

He took a moment to let the confused in on the purpose for his original tweet.