Donald Trump insults wheelchair-using columnist: He's a 'jerk' who just 'sits there'
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may not have chosen the best insult on Wednesday for a wheelchair-using conservative columnist who he said would just "sit there" and do nothing but be a "jerk."

Following Trump's presidential announcement on Tuesday, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer called the roll-out "great showmanship."

"I think his single most important statement was, 'I am very rich.' That's the basis for the campaign," Krauthammer explained. "It will damage the party because, like, say and Al Sharpton or even a Ross Perot or having those kinds of people on the stage who aren't really serious candidates diminishes the stature of the others who are."

On Wednesday, Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends that Krauthammer was a "highly overrated" pundit.

"You know when I watch a George Will or a Charles Krauthammer, you know, I watch them for years, they're losers," the billionaire opined. "They sit there. They haven't done anything."

"Think about it, I've built a $9 billion net worth, I've employed tens of thousands of people," he continued. "I do a television show, it becomes one of the biggest shows on all of television. NBC renewed it again, they're begging for me to do it. I write a book called 'The Art of the Deal,' it's the number one selling business book of all time."

"And I got a jerk named Krauthammer or George Will saying, 'Oh gee, he doesn't deserve to be in the race.'"

At that point, Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interrupted to tell Trump he had gone too far.

"I'm in a pickle right here," she said. "I think you're a good guy but I absolutely love Charles Krauthammer as well so I'm going to shift gears here and let you both have your opinions about one another freely."

Krauthammer has been confined to a wheelchair since the age of 22 when his spine was severed in a swimming accident.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast June 17, 2015.