First Trump, now Jindal: Another artist blasts Repubs for using his music -- and backs Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) kicks off his presidential campaign on May 26, 2015. [MSNBC]

Grammy-winning Zydeco performer Buckwheat Zydeco denounced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday after Jindal used his music during his presidential campaign launch -- the second artist in two weeks to reject GOP candidates for doing so, and the second to announce their support for independent Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign, instead.

Gambit Weekly reported that the 67-year-old singer and accordionist blasted Jindal online after the governor played Zydeco's cover of the song "Hey, Good Lookin'" prior to his June 24 announcement that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination.

"You don't represent us, #BobbyJindal," Zydeco wrote. "Don't use our music. You've been a disaster for Louisiana."

The post can be seen below:

By comparison, Zydeco was much happier that Sanders used another track, "Make A Change," during his event last month confirming that he would seek the Democratic Party's nomination:

A spokesperson for Jindal, Shannon Dirmann, defended the governor's use of the cover song.

"We licensed the music we played," she told Gambit Weekly. "But if Mr. Zydeco wants to be a good socialist like Bernie Sanders, he might need to rethink the idea of private property."

The rebuke from Zydeco came just over a week after the manager for rocker Neil Young castigated another GOP contender, Donald Trump, for using the song, "Rockin' In The Free World" during his own campaign launch, while clarifying that Young was a "longtime supporter" of the independent senator.

Watch a live performance of "Make It Change," as posted online, below.