Fox guest blames massacre on Affirmative Action: 'Liberals created this kid that shot up this church'
Kevin Jackson speaks to Fox News host Martha MacCallum (screen grab)

Conservative radio host Kevin Jackson told Fox News on Wednesday that liberals had "created" the white supremacist murderer who confessed to massacring nine people at a black church in Charleston, S.C.

During a discussion about how Southern states were dealing with Confederate symbols following the South Carolina tragedy, Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked the author of Race-Pimping for his thoughts on the effort.

“Well, let’s hope that it eradicates racism, Martha, I mean that’s essentially what the left is after," Jackson said sarcastically. "You know, they never give up anything. This is such a red herring that takes away from the real issue that liberals created this kid that shot up this church."

"And South Carolina did what America does, which is they responded by saying, 'We’re a family, we’re not going to buy into this nonsense. It may have been racially motivated but we’re not racially motivated here,'" he continued. "So blaming the flag is ridiculous. It’s not going to do anything. What essentially the left is trying to say is let’s eradicate history."

MacCallum speculated that the "hysteria" over removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds "in reality, it does absolutely nothing."

"If you're going to go back in history and start eradicating things, let's start with the Democrats," Jackson argued. "They are the biggest racists on the planet. Their platform was begun with racist intentions."

The Washington Post's Eric Wemple later emailed Jackson and asked him to clarify his remarks blaming liberals for the church massacre.

"He’s a Millennial, i.e. very non-racial according to all data," Jackson said of the admitted killer. "He didn’t grow up in a white-supremacist family. So he’s a product of culture, a culture Liberals own. From the moment he hit school, in his generation, boys are bad. White boys are worse."

"While he played with all kids of all colors and got along, when the time for playing ended, and it was time to get his 'higher education,' he hit the wall of Affirmative Action," the conservative radio host insisted. "Then, when it’s time to get a job, he gets more Affirmative Action."

According to Jackson, the shooter was forced to take medication "to deal with his Liberal-created psychosis."

"[A]nd policies of the Left won’t let him be called 'insane' and put away from the public. So he FED his psychosis with a healthy dose of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and others, until he snapped," Jackson concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast June 24, 2015.