Jon Stewart rips Fox for making Rachel Dolezal a 'Benghazi Obamaphone culture war dog whistle'
Jon Stewart hosts 'The Daily Show' on June 15, 2015. [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his team mocked Fox News on Monday for taking the weird story of Rachel Dolezal and feeding it to their "exhausting, 24-hour Benghazi Obamaphone culture war dog whistle Who-gives-a-f*ckotron."

Stewart himself was somewhat befuddled that Dolezal, a white woman of Czech, Swedish and German descent, would go so far as to not only pretend to be black, but become head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) before resigning amid a hail of criticism after her ruse was made public.

"Czech, Swedish and German is really f*cking white," Stewart said. "Even Powder is like, 'That's one white lady.'"

However, he noted, Fox quickly seized on on Dolezal's actions as an excuse to accuse liberals of overplaying the prominence of racism in America.

"You might also ask, perhaps more appropriately, if being black is such a sweet deal, why are millions of white people ignoring such a sweet opportunity?" Stewart said. "How do you make all these sweeping generalizations about it, anyway? One lady in Washington state's second-largest city pretending to be black "

However, when the host tried to introduce Jessica Williams, he was greeted by Jordan Klepper, who apologized for being late, saying he was pulled over on the way to the studio for "driving while black."

"You're not black," Stewart reminded him.

"Maybe not 100 percent, no," Klepper said. Stewart quickly corrected him, saying, "No percent -- you're unbelievably white. If I couldn't smell you, I'd think you were a ghost; you're that white."

Despite being assured that he could cover the story, Klepper complained, "black people get everything in this country."

"Like what?" Stewart demanded.

"Everything," Klepper said. "Some colleges give extra points on your admissions. Free street massages."

"That's called 'stop-and-frisk,'" Stewart shot back.

But when Klepper tried to invoke his 'right' to say an anti-black slur, Williams -- the actual Senior Black Correspondent -- stepped in.

"You can't just appropriate persecution just because it's 'cool,'" Williams said of Dolezal. "If team black didn't pick you, you can't just suit up and run on the field. There's no walk-ons."

Watch the commentary by Stewart and his team, as posted online on Monday, below.