Margaret Cho: I’m still for Hillary — but I have a ‘crush’ on Bernie Sanders
Margaret Cho talks Bernie Sanders with Larry King (Screenshot/Ora TV)

Comedian Margaret Cho told Larry King she has a "crush" on Bernie Sanders and while she's ever the Hillary Clinton supporter, she dangled the possibility of breaking away and campaigning for Sanders.

"Do you intend to campaign for Hillary," King asked Cho point-blank on his Thursday night show, PoliticKING.

"I intend to campaign for whoever I decide on," she responded cautiously.

"I thought you were for Hillary already," King pressed.

"I am for Hillary," Cho said. "But I'm not sure, kind of have a crush on Bernie. So we'll see."

She said she didn't know whether she'd campaign in Sanders' camp against Clinton, she simply said she didn't know. "We have to see what happens. I don't know, I'll probably stick with Hillary. I like her a lot."

Earlier in the show, she said Sanders is "very much about telling the truth" about money in electoral politics, and "this is all a race about money, just billionaires comparing who's got the most money."

Cho spent a large segment of the show talking about LGBTQ rights and the same-sex marriage decision to be issued today by the Supreme Court.

"I think they're going to rule in our favor," she predicted. "I think they're going to rule in our favor. Human rights, equality, there's no question about that. There's no debate about that. We are all asking for equality, that's what marriage equality is."

Watch the whole interview here: