Mike Huckebee: My GOP rivals have ‘surrendered to the false god of judicial supremacy’
Mike Huckabee (screenshot/YouTube)

Mike Huckabee denies the Supreme Court's legal authority and says other presidential candidates are disqualified from holding office if they recognize same-sex marriage rights.

In a video rant Huckabee posted to Facebook on Monday, the former Republican governor of Arkansas assures supporters that "the Supreme Court can't make a law."

"Oh, I know they think they can," Huckabee continues sarcastically. "I guess the next decision the Supreme Court will decide [is] that they can suspend the laws of gravity. But they can't do that either."

Huckabee contrasts himself with public figures who acknowledge Friday's Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage.

"I have no intention of backing down," Huckabee rails, "or raising up my white flag of surrender as some have already done. And you will not hear me say, '[Same-sex marriage is] the law of the land,' because it most certainly is not."

"If you hear someone," Huckabee goes on, "who is a candidate for president just say, 'That's the law of the land,' I hope you have the good sense to mark that person off your list as a potential candidate you'd vote for, because that candidate has just surrendered to the false god of judicial supremacy. And if we capitulate completely to that idea, we'll live in a land of judicial tyranny. Not me."

Huckabee admits to his Facebook audience that refusing to accept the legitimacy of America's judicial branch has alarmed contributors. The backlash doesn't unduly concern Huckabee, however, who believes he has the backing of God.

"Now to be honest with you," Huckabee says, "it already is costing me some donors and supporters who are upset that I didn't just surrender and say, 'That's what we have to accept.' Because there are some laws higher than the laws that man thinks he can make."

"There may be many people who will surrender to five unelected black-robed justices," Huckabee says in closing. "But I will not. Not now. Not ever."