Neo-Nazis try to convince Florida residents they're political moderates -- cry about 'hate' designation
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A neo-Nazi organization whined about being designated as a hate group after distributing flyers in Jacksonville, Florida calling for homosexuality and “race mixing” to be outlawed.

“Suggesting the National Socialist Movement is an organization of ‘hate’ that presents a threat to any ethnic group is insane,” the National Socialist Movement said in a statement published by a local CBS affiliate. “This public awareness campaign is part of a continuing effort to turn this tide, and stop white people from becoming America’s next minority."

In the city's San Jose area, people are finding plastic bags in their yards and near a Jewish temple and community center. The packages contain advertisements for the National Socialist Movement (NSM), an organization out of Detroit, Michigan that the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a hate group.

The flyers describe the NSM as an entity "dedicated to the preservation of working European Americans." Despite the group's chosen name, this subset of white supremacists is decidedly centrist in its political outlook.

NSM members are not socialist in any conventional sense, the promotional document is careful to point out, but are instead at the "center of right and left wing ideologies."

Some of the policy ideas the NSM lists on its flyer sound downright tyrannical. For example, the group says it's against the legal practices of "homosexuality, ...race mixing, and non-white immigration."

Thought they explicitly advocate for tax cuts, Jacksonville's white supremacist PR distributors also support the "abolishment of the capitalistic consumer society."

“It's dark stuff; you figured it’s been 80 years since WWII. You think people would give up on that,” neighbor Jake Pearthree says to WSB-TV.

According to the news outlet, a "local rabbi" is unaware of any specific threats against members of the Jewish community, but is in contact with the FBI. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tells CBS it's aware of citizens' concerns,  but "[doesn't] believe there is any specific threat."

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the NSM as the "largest and most prominent neo-Nazi group in the United States."

“All non-White immigration must be prevented," the NSM says in its official platform. "We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force.”

Here's an image of the controversial flyer making its rounds in Jacksonville:

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