Twitter masterfully transforms Spokane NAACP chief's racial claims into hilarious #AskRachel meme
Rachel Dolezal (screenshot/Twitter)

Rachel Dolezal, the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter in Spokane, Washington, faces a city ethics investigation about whether or not she deliberately misrepresented herself as black on her job application. Dolezal's mother tells the media that her daughter is white and has been lying for years about her identity.

According to reports by the International Business Times, Dolezal answered a multiple choice question by checking herself off "as white, African-American, Native American, and two or more races" in a form for NAACP applicants.

Inspired, people took to Twitter by the thousands on Friday to #AskRachel other questions that might provide insights into the social justice activist's controversial statements about race and her own personal history.

What follows is a sampling of the Internet's witty response to the curious story of Rachel Dolezal.

First, a nod to the mysteriously colored dress, whose exact hue sparked a viral debate earlier this year:

An indictment of high stakes testing policies:

A criticism of black representation in American film:

A joke contrasting the Eryka Badu song "You Better Call Tyrone," with the tagline from the Ghostbusters movies:

A reference to TLC's 1994 hit, "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls:"

And the question on everybody's minds, with added pun: