Watch how proud these preachers are to get arrested for being obnoxious street trolls
Street preachers arrested in Springfield for disorderly conduct (Screenshot/YouTube)

Two street preachers who got in people's faces and tried to instigate fights with Springfield, Tennessee's "Taste of Country" festival goers were arrested Saturday, the Tennessean reports.

Police arrested John Laymond Davis, 49, of North Carolina and John McGlone, 54, of Kentucky on disorderly conduct charges. Both were released the same day on bond.

Video of the incident posted to McGlone's Facebook page, shows the men, along with several others including a young boy, wearing clothing emblazoned with messages like "Repent," "Trust Jesus" and "Fear God" confronting festival goers and then police. It's accompanied by dramatic theme music.

Springfield police Chief David Thompson told the Tennessean the group was instructed to "tone it down" and "follow the code of conduct posted for the event. But they were exhibiting aggressive behavior."

They became belligerent, calling people sinners and telling them they were going to hell, Thompson said. They were carrying around a photo of an aborted fetus and were "looking for a fight."

Springfield Chamber of Commerce vice president of operations Jordan Osborne said the men harassed her and called her a "jezebel."

"When you see people wanting to fight, it's scary," she told the Tennessean.

The video shows the men with the rest of the group standing outside the jail, apparently after being bailed out, talking about proselytizing other prisoners.

"These are kinda like training wheels," one of the Johns says into the camera. "Seven or 8 hours in the jail cell are kinda like training wheels to get us ready for real persecution, real burdens, the chains, the things that the saints of God overseas are suffering right now."

Crashing outdoor community events to tell unsuspecting people they're going to hell seems to be the M.O. for the group. Another video posted to McGlone's Facebook page shows them at Mardi Gras with "rebukes to the God haters."

The video shows him facing a young woman with a megaphone, saying, "but Jesus Christ, you know what he'll do for you? He'll give you a new heart. He'll make all things new. He'll clean you up. You'll no longer have to be a whore any more."

View the video of the Springfield incident, from McGlone's Facebook page here: