Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump is 'impervious to facts' because anti-immigrant GOP voters don't care
Donald Trump speaks to CNN's Anderson Cooper (screen grab)

CNN host Anderson Cooper interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this week and discovered that he was "impervious to facts" because GOP primary voters did not care about them.

Cooper explained to the hosts of CNN's New Day that he tried his best to press Trump for proof that Mexico was sending rapists and other criminals across the border.

"I tried to pin him down on specifics as much as possible, easier said than done," Cooper noted. "I did ask him about his trip to the border and does he have any actual evidence when he keeps claiming that the Mexican government is sending over this wave of illegal immigrants."

Although Cooper told Trump again and again that he had no "proof" during the interview, the candidate seemed to be immune to the traditional question and answer process.

"I think it's common sense," Trump said at one point. "Mexico doesn't want to house somebody for 30 years in a prison when the United States will do it... I think smart people know, I think the streetwise people know and I think border guards know."

"You're going to find out if I have evidence, I'm not telling you now, but you're going to find out," he added.

Cooper told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Trump would be "waving the proof on day one" if he had any.

"The danger is he has people believing this," Cuomo agreed. "And that's why it was so important for you to push him on it."

"But what's interesting is, I think he's in many ways impervious to facts," Cooper replied. "I don't say that in a disrespectful way."

"You can present him with all the facts, you can present him with, 'Well, you haven't presented any facts,' and he -- I don't think among his supporters that really matters at this stage of the game," Cooper continued. "Maybe later on in the race when he's on the stage against other folks from the GOP and they are citing studies, he's going to have to. But at this point, it doesn't seem to be hurting him."

Watch the video below from CNN's New Day, broadcast July 23, 2015.