Cenk Uygur hammers 'piece of sh*t' National Review for calling Bernie Sanders a 'national socialist'
'Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur on July 21, 2015. [YouTube]

Not only was the National Review wrong to try to label Sen. Bernie Sanders a "national socialist," Young Turks host Cenk Uygur said on Tuesday, but the conservative magazine itself is an irrelevant mouthpiece for the conservative establishment.

"Nobody reads this piece of sh*t, OK?" Uygur said. "The whole point is for the rich and the powerful to put out propaganda."

As Talking Points Memo reported, the Review's Kevin Williamson argued in the piece that the Vermont senator is "a national-socialist movement" while acknowledging that it was a "a queasy and uncomfortable thing to write about a man who is the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland and whose family was murdered in the Holocaust."

While Williamson later tried to argue that he did not intend to call Sanders a Nazi, Uygur said, his claim was undercut by acknowledging the Holocaust immediately after calling him a "national socialist."

Moreover, Uygur pointed out, Williamson accused Sanders of being xenophobic and worrying about "trade with brown people," but argued just last year that it would not be "chauvinistic, jingoistic, or yahooistic" to base economic and foreign policy around American interests.

"Now he says, 'For having the same opinions as me, you're a f*cking Nazi," Uygur said of Williamson. "He knows his family was killed during the Holocaust. There is no bottom to the Republican barrel."

Watch Uygur's commentary, as aired on Tuesday, below.