Comedian Dennis Leary slams Bill Cosby in epic rant: 'I’m never going to eat Jell-O again.’
Image: Dennis Leary as Johnny Rock from Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (Screen capture)

Comedian and actor Dennis Leary went on an epic tirade about accused serial rapist Bill Cosby in an interview with the Daily Beast.

Leary was promoting his new show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll when he veered into a rant about the once-beloved creator and star of The Cosby Show and the children's program Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

"(H)ow do you feel about all this Cosby insanity?" asked the Beast's Marlow Stern.

Leary replied that Richard Pryor is his favorite comedian, saying, "I think he was the most gifted comedian. He had all the tools: brilliant social satirist, brutally honest, and could become a deer in the woods physically onstage and be Muhammad Ali and John Wayne. He had all the tools."

Cosby, said Leary, was talented and trailblazing, but when it came to silencing his accusers, the comedy legend became a monster.

"Dude, at that point, you’re into Stalinesque territory there of wielding so much power and shutting people up. I think I can honestly say this: It’s going to be impossible for me to listen to a Bill Cosby bit again from any era. Fuck the show, the show’s dead. And fuck Jell-O. I’m never going to eat Jell-O again. No offense to the Jell-O people, but it just reminds me of him. Fuck, I don’t think I can listen to any of his classic routines because it would automatically bring me back to creepy page one," Leary said.

Watch the promotional trailer for Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, embedded below: