Dead California man had more than 1,200 guns and two tons of ammo stashed in his home
Los Angeles police find more than two tons of ammunition inside dead man's home [KTLA-TV]

Los Angeles police are trying to identify the man who apparently owned more than two tons of ammunition when he was found dead in a car near his home, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Authorities removed the ammunition and more than 1,200 firearms from the man's home on Tuesday, four days after initially finding his decomposing body in the vehicle. The weapons reportedly varied from rifles to shotguns to pistols, including some that were still in their boxes.

"Our truck couldn't carry it all," police spokesperson Andrew Smith said. "We had to go back and make another trip."

Nearby residents told KTLA-TV that a man and woman lived inside the home where police found the weapons and the ammunition. Defense attorney Harland Braun, who represented the police officers caught on camera beating Rodney King in 1991, confirmed that he is working for the female resident.

No cause has been determined for the man's death, but authorities said there was no sign of foul play. The firearms will be run through a background check to see if he owned them legally.

Watch KTLA's report on authorities' discovery, as aired on Monday, below.

[h/t Gawker]