Donald Trump explains how he'll solve the Iran nuclear crisis: 'Persians are great negotiators'
Image: Donald Trump speaks to Anderson Cooper (screen capture)

In a Tuesday night interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Republican 2016 front-runner Donald Trump said that the United States has sent the "wrong people" to talk to the Iranians, which is why it has taken such a long time to reach a workable nuclear deal.

"We are making a terrible deal. We have the wrong people negotiating for us," said Trump, according to Mediaite.

“The Persians are great negotiators," he said. "They are laughing at the stupidity of the deal we’re making on nuclear. We should double up and triple up the sanctions and have them come to us. They are making an amazing deal.”

The former Reality TV star and real estate mogul wanted to know why the U.S. isn't withholding aid from Iran during the negotiations and why U.S. representatives aren't demanding that the Islamic republic release four American hostages currently being held in Iran.

"Why aren't we getting them back?" he asked.

“This negotiation should have taken a week,” he went on. “That’s because I’m being generous. Should have taken a day, but should have taken a week. This is going on forever.”

Watch the video, embedded below: