Former George W. Bush speechwriter tweets -- then deletes -- theory that Serena Williams is taking steroids
Image: David Frum (Flickr Creative Commons)

Former George W. Bush speechwriter turned Atlantic magazine senior editor David Frum tweeted over the weekend that Serena Williams might be taking steroids. Moments later, he deleted the tweets and claimed they were part of a private conversation and not intended for public consumption.

Williams defeated Garbiñe Muguruza 6-4, 6-4 to on Saturday to win the women's singles category at Wimbledon, her 21st grand slam title.

Frum wrote on Saturday morning in reference to a New York Times article on women tennis players and body image, "Steroids? Oh no, no, no. 'Body image issues.'”

Then, after Williams took home the title, he posted the following series of Tweets on Sunday:

Tweets about Serena Williams by David Frum

When other Twitter users responded with outrage that Frum would make such accusations without any proof beyond his own speculations, he deleted the tweets and claimed they were private.

Twitter users responded:

Seeing an opening, Frum scrambled to parlay this flap into a round of TV appearances:

To which one user replied: