Guest tells Fox: 'Own up to the fact' that GOP encourages Donald Trump's 'douchebaggery'
Jehmu Greene and Daniel Harper appear on Fox News (screen grab)

Liberal Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene encouraged Republicans to "own up to the fact" that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's "douchebaggery" reflected the base that had controlled the party for the past seven years.

After Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) criticized Trump's supporters as "crazies," Trump fired back at a forum on Saturday by taking a shot at his war hero status.

Although Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol had praised Trump after he recently called Mexicans rapists, the magazine's online editor told Fox News on Sunday that the candidate had gone too far by questioning McCain's military service.

"It's probably the beginning of the end for Donald Trump," Daniel Halper explained, pointing out that Republicans did not like "the questioning of war heroes."

"I hoped that it was the beginning of the end when he first dipped his toe in the waters," Jehmu Greene responded. "Because this is just a continuation of his douchebaggery and has been accepted for so long that finally they've come to their senses because, I guess, he has now finally crossed the line. But he crossed many lines quite some time ago."

At that point Halper tried to shift the conversation to activists who recently shouted down Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley after they perceived that he downplayed the "Black Lives Matter" movement by saying "white lives matter."

Greene called that a "perfect line of distraction and deflection... when you have the person who is leading in the polls saying things about our military men and women that is so offensive and still not wanting to own up to the fact that in the Fox News poll he was at the top just last week."

"What is going on in the Republican Party?" Greene continued. "What does it take for you all to take your party back from the crazies that have had control of it for about seven years now?"

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast July 19, 2015.