'Industrialized body part farming': Fox host takes attack on Planned Parenthood to ridiculous new level
Fox Business host Stuart Varney (screen grab)

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asserted on Wednesday that a deceptively edited video proved that taxpayers were funding Planned Parenthood's business of "industrialized body part farming."

An edited undercover video released by the conservative Center for Medical Progress last week gave the impression that Planned Parenthood was profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. But as FactCheck.org has pointed out, the full video showed that Planned Parenthood officials made it clear that the organization was donating the tissue for research purposes and would not profit in anyway. Reimbursement discussed in the edited video was intended to cover the cost of transporting the tissue, which is a common practice and is permitted under federal law.

"There was something inhuman about it, the callous discussion of body parts from an aborted fetus," Varney grimaced in segment on his Wednesday show. "The talk of crushing from above and crushing from below to preserve a babies organs for sale. Oh, that touched a nerve. That made a lot of us think about what kind of society we have become."

According to Varney, "secular humanists" believe that a "fetus is a blob."

"Anyone who has seen a modern ultrasound cannot dismiss that growing child as an organ farm!" he exclaimed. "I don't want a dime of my taxpayer money going to support industrialized body part farming."

Although fetal tissue has been used for research purposes since the 1930s, Varney told Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris that he was "looking for a shift back to the way it used to be."

"I'm not a reactionary, but I would like to see us go back, and take another look at the way we look at human life," the Fox Business host insisted.

"It's not just abortion," Morris lamented. "About an hour and a half ago, I was pulling a guy off the stoop of my church who got in a fight with another homeless man, and they're sleeping on my church in the South Bronx. Those are real questions we have to deal with as a society, taking care of the poor. And taking care of the mothers who are in these situations who are going off to have these abortions."

Morris said that the solution began with defunding Planned Parenthood.

"How can we give a half a billion dollars to an organization who is doing this?" he asked.

Watch the video below from Fox Business' Varney & Company, broadcast July 22, 2105.