League of the South holds July 4th rally against 'cultural genocide of the Southern people'

Members of the League of the South rallied in Arkansas over the weekend to protest same-sex marriage and recent opposition to the Confederate flag, which they called "cultural genocide."

Arkansas League of the South Chair Robert Miller told KLRT that an effort to banish Confederate flags flying at the South Carolina statehouse and at government buildings was "removing our heritage, removing our history."

"It's cultural genocide and nothing less," Miller insisted.

On the anniversary of America's birth, League of the South members gathered alongside Highway 65 in Harrison for a combined rally for the Confederate flag and so-called "Christian marriage."

"We're rallying in support of traditional Christian marriage. We're also rallying in support of the Confederate flag, and standing against the cultural genocide of the Southern people that's been waged by the leftists in Washington," Miller explained. "To claim that Southerners have ill will or malice toward people for arbitrary reasons is not accurate."

"The charge of racism is an overused and nowadays irrelevant charge meant to do nothing but silence the enemies of the left," he added. "We don't cower at such a charge."

Watch the video below from KLRT, broadcast July 5, 2015.