Nevada lawmaker vows to install 'Dukes of Hazzard' horn on her truck to defend Confederate flag
Tom "Luke" Wopat and John "Bo" Schneider pose with The General Lee (CBS)

A Nevada lawmaker told supporters this week that she would install a "Dukes of Hazzard" horn in her truck to make the point that the Confederate flag was part of the nation's heritage.

In a letter to supporters on Wednesday, Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore argued that South Carolina would be wrong to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds.

"In my opinion, the flag is trivial item that represents a part of our history, but it’s just that, OUR HISTORY!" she wrote. "Can you imagine the uproar it would cause if they banned our American flag because despicable groups, like the KKK."

"Next week I’m going to find the General’s Lee’s horn and have it installed in my truck," she said.

The lawmaker added a link to audio of the car horn which features the first few notes of "Dixie," a pro-slavery Civil War anthem.

(h/t: AP)