Pat Robertson: I'm not sure why God didn't smite Supreme Court justices for legalizing abortion
CBN's Pat Robertson (screen grab)

On Monday's edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson told viewers to ask God why he chose not to immediately strike down the Supreme Court justices after they handed down the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

A viewer named Eugene who described himself as a "lifelong 700 Club member" complained to Robertson during the "Bring It On" segment of the show that Republicans today had forgotten that justices handing down the Roe v. Wade were comprised of a "Republican majority."

"Why are these men not called out for the genocide against the unborn?" Eugene asked. "Why did they live to be such an old age after committing such a despicable act that has brought a curse upon the land?"

"You'll have to ask God why he didn't kill them," Robertson smiled in response. "I'm not in charge of the death or life of the Supreme Court judges. So, it's in God's hands whether they live a long life."

According to the TV preacher, the justices had made an "incredibly bad decision" that was based on "stuff from Planned Parenthood."

Robertson then told a debunked -- but often repeated -- story about how Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, wanted to commit "genocide" against African-Americans.

"The wealthy people of our country wanted to make sure that the blacks and the less fortunate didn't out-breed us," he opined. "So, they wanted to make sure the population of those people stayed small. I know it sounds gross, but that's what they believed."

"And then they had Margaret Sanger, who was saying that black people are inferior, that Southern white people are inferior, that European protestants are inferior," Robertson continued. "She wanted eugenics. And so they bought into that."

"Being Republican or being Democrat does not mean the Supreme Court is going to go along with righteousness. And in that case, it certainly didn't."

Watch the video below from CBN's The 700 Club, broadcast July 27, 2015.