Sen. Jim Webb: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are 'way far' left -- 'not my Democratic Party'
Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Jim Webb (Flickr Creative Commons)

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (D) slammed the liberal wing of the Democratic Party on Fox News Sunday this week and said that liberals who are against the Confederate Flag sound just as divisive and wrong-headed as Donald Trump's remarks about Latino immigrants being "criminals" and "racists."

Webb announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 earlier this summer. After a discussion of national security issues with Fox News Sunday host Brett Baier, Webb asked if he might address the controversial nature of Trump's statements.

"This kind of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric by people who want to be commander-in-chief is not helpful, and we have seen from the liberal side as well this kind of rhetoric as it goes to Southern white cultures," he said.

At one point in the interview, Webb said he feels that the Democratic Party has "moved way far to the left."

"In a party that seems to thrill to Bernie Sanders and maybe long for Elizabeth Warren, who are the Jim Webb Democrats?" asked Baier.

"I believe we can bring a different tone to the Democratic Party. You’re right," Webb agreed. "The party has moved way far to the left, and that’s not my Democratic Party."

Webb -- who crossed over from the Republican Party to run against Virginia Republican George Allen in 2006 -- is currently polling at 2 percent nationally among prospective Democratic voters.

Watch the video, embedded below via Crooks and Liars: