Story about Costco pulling dinosaur cake was hoax by Inquisitr contributor
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The story that the Costco company pulled a cake design because a Christian Arizona mother complained that its design looked demonic was a hoax perpetrated by a freelance writer and his girlfriend.

The story was picked up by and relayed by multiple news sources, including Raw Story.

As of press time, Inquisitr had taken the post down and Albrecht was angrily trying to justify his actions on Facebook.

"To the stalkers stalking my Facebook page," he wrote, "I am aware and have known that the US Costcos do not have an online ordering system. They removed the cakes from their Australian stores. The US Costcos require an ordering form. But these stalking trolls already know this because I linked the Australian Costco online ordering form in my Inquisitr article. I am also aware of the history of '616' and the change to '666.'"

The original Inquisitr article claimed that Costco had pulled the dinosaur cakes in the U.S. and in particular from the stores in the Mesa, AZ area.

Eckert has taken her own Facebook profile offline, but a screen capture of the now-deleted timeline proclaims that she is in a relationship with Albrecht.