WA restaurant responds perfectly after being called out for illegally shaming breastfeeding mom
Sydney Olsen (Screenshot/King 5)

A group of mothers held a "nurse-in" at a Washington restaurant in protest to the staff telling a nursing mom to cover up.

Sydney Olsen was picking up a to-go order at Noah's Ark restaurant in Bremerton with her 5-month-old son nursing, when the restaurant manager approached her and asked if she had a blanket she could cover herself with, King 5 News reports.

Olsen wrote the manager told her that her nursing openly was making some men uncomfortable and had asked the staff to intervene. When the manager, Bianca, did so, Olsen told her it was her legal right to breastfeed in public.

Once Olsen informed Bianca she was within her legal rights and refused to cover up, the manager acknowledged she was right and walked away. But Olsen was still upset.

"I felt disgusted, ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, no longer hungry, I felt sick. My husband came to ask for a refund for me," Olsen wrote on her Facebook page about the incident. "I will continue to nurse everywhere I go. I will not feel shame for feeding my child, this experience has taught me a lesson, that I need to continue to nurse everywhere I go, I need to continue to normalize breastfeeding, I need to continue to stand up for our rights, and I will."

She ended the post saying she plans to take legal action.

After Olsen's post, the family-owned restaurant began receiving a torrent of phone calls from irate customers.

Noah's Ark responded by apologizing and promising to not only participate in the nurse-in, but offered free milkshakes to the first 50 mothers who showed up.

"Although we can't turn back time and change what transpired, we are hopeful that our efforts to right this situation reflects our apology to all that were affected," restaurant staffers wrote on the establishment's Facebook page.

That seems to have appeased the restaurant's customer base.

"We, as HUMANS, learn by making mistakes. No need to beat a dead horse at this point," wrote Heather Hooper on the restaurant's Facebook post. "Breastfeeding is normal. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, people are uneducated and this is a perfect learning example. Moving forward...."

Watch the report from King 5 here: