WATCH: Steel cable snaps on Wisconsin amusement park 'Catapult' ride -- narrowly misses teen
Image: The Catapult ride as the cable snapped (Screen capture)

A family from Minnesota is grateful that their 13-year-old son is unhurt after the steel cables holding up a Wisconsin Dells amusement park ride snapped, narrowly missing the teen as it recoiled.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the accident took place on Wednesday and that at first, the ride operator simply offered the family tokens to use another ride.

Trevor Larson, 13, and family friend Carrie Sueker were strapped into the ride -- known as "The Catapult" -- preparing to be shot into the air at more than 50 miles per hour when the high-tension steel cable snapped, slamming into the ground next to them.

Sueker said that they or their nearby friends and family could have been seriously hurt or even killed.

The Catapult was closed when the Mount Olympus theme park opened on Thursday, but was open again by the end of the day.

Watch video about this story, embedded below: