Florida cop placed on administrative leave for berating disabled veteran over handicapped parking
Riviera Beach police officer Wilson (Screencap/YouTube)

A Florida police officer has been placed on administrative leave after video showed him berating a 28-year-old Army veteran for parking in a handicap spot.

The video, which veteran Isiah James recorded on his cell phone and uploaded to his Facebook page, shows Sgt. Garry Wilson questioning whether James had a right to park in the handicap spot. The video also shows Wilson slapping the cell phone out of James's hands as he records him.

“If I had done the same to him, I would have been cited, or at least I would be shot with a Taser,” James told The Palm Beach Post.

The Riviera Beach Police Department placed Wilson on administrative leave on Tuesday.

"The Police Department has placed Sergeant Garry Wilson on Paid Administrative Leave pending the outcome of a preliminary investigation," the department said in a statement. "This action was taken in relation to a video posted on social media sites that shows interactions between Sgt. Wilson and another man who identified himself as a disabled Veteran. Among other things in the video, the man accuses Sgt. Wilson of damaging his cell phone by knocking it to the ground."

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by American Newsx: