Jesse Ventura rips Scott Walker: He's against equal pay because his faith says women are 'subservient'
'Off The Grid' host jesse Ventura criticizes Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). [Ora.TV]

Ora.TV host Jesse Ventura ripped Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) for signing an extreme anti-abortion bill into law last year, sarcastically saying it did not go far enough.

"If he believes that if a doctor performs this it's murder, then charge the doctor with murder. And it's premeditated so it would be first-degree murder, wouldn't it?" he said. "These guys, if they truly want to stand up for it, then they gotta go all the way with it."

The bill bans the procedure after the 20-week mark of any pregnancy, and does not contain exceptions for rape and incest victims.

"The thing that bugs me about Scott Walker and all Republicans of this ilk is that they seem to care more about the unborn than the people that are already here," Ventura said, adding, "Gee, Scott, what do you think their chances for success will be? Slim and none -- and slim just probably left the building with you."

Ventura also noted Walker's opposition to a bill that would end wage discrimination in his state, blaming it on the governor's evangelical background depicting women as "subservient." According to their faith, Ventura said, "women come from [Adam's] rib, so why would they be thought of as equal in the workplace?"

"They bring many archaic thoughts that discriminate against not only women, but people of color. There's a great deal of discrimination in religion," he added. "Religious people all have it. They won't admit it, but they do have it, because the scriptures themselves do it."

Watch Ventura's commentary, as posted online, below.