Jon Stewart tells viewers to call out lying lawmakers: 'The best defense against bullsh*t is vigilance'
Jon Stewart discusses political BS on 'The Daily Show' on Aug. 6, 2015. [DailyMotion]

Jon Stewart made one last political commentary toward the end of Thursday's Daily Show, telling his viewers to keep a sharp eye on their lawmakers.

"The best defense against bullsh*t is vigilance," Stewart said, after uttering the word without censor several times. "So if you smell something, say something."

While "bullsh*t is everywhere," he said, there are some lies that are part of the social contract, like complimenting someone else's child insincerely. But some lies -- like the Patriot Act, or iTunes agreements -- are cloaked under "mountains of bullsh*t," betting that people will not be inclined to examine them because they are so dense.

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Thursday, below.