Seattle police union's president says Obama has declared a 'war on cops'
Image: Ron Smith of Seattle Police Officers Guild (Screencap)

The head of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild (SPOG) believes that the federal government has declared a "war on cops."

According to Seattle's alt weekly The Stranger, SPOG president Ron Smith -- who represents about 1,200 police officers -- believes that President Barack Obama and the Justice Department are working to undermine the authority of police officers in this country because of their "anti-cop bias."

On Sunday, someone at SPOG's Facebook page posted commentary by Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who said, "The White House and this administration have created a war against police officers in this country with their allegations [and] false assertions that there is widespread and pervasive racism in the United States of America that lives in the heart and minds of the men and women in blue."

The SPOG poster -- who has been identified as Smith -- wrote "True" underneath the video and the post garnered 50 "likes" before someone from the police department deleted it.

The Stranger's Ansel Herz contacted Smith to ask if the inflammatory comments reflect his actual views.

Smith stood by the statements, accusing critics of needing to get past their "anti-cop bias."

"That's the message you're putting out as head of the union," wrote Herz via text message to Smith. "It's beyond the pale."

"Yep!" Smith responded. "The Administrations message has fueled the war on cops!! Quote me!!"

When pressed for more specific information about this "war on cops" on Monday, Smith said he didn't want to "get in the weeds" about the message.