'The vampire rises at dawn': Scarborough and Matthews blow up on MSNBC's debate night coverage
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough (screen grab)

The management at MSNBC may be rethinking a decision to have Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough co-anchor debate night coverage after the two hosts blew up at each other on Thursday.

Following the first of two debates on Thursday night, Matthews led an MSNBC panel in a discussion about Carly Fiorina's performance.

At some point, there was a disagreement over whether Scarborough, who is a Republican, had said that Fiorina had been right to call Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a liar.

"I am against candidates calling other candidates liars," Scarborough insisted forcefully. "Have I made that clear?"

"The trouble is there was an initial support of her position tonight," Matthews argued.

Scarborough disagreed: "The great thing is this is all on tape! I was... No, no, no! All I said was she did very well in the debate. Her weakest line was her last."

"Let's get one point clear," Matthews shot back. "If I accuse a person of lying three different times in a row, are you calling them a liar? Three times in a row. She lied, she lied, she lied. Is that calling someone a liar?"

"You got that," Scarborough grumbled. "You got that to put in your pocket and go for a couple of nights."

As the segment ended, Matthews warned viewers to "beware" of MSNBC in the morning.

"The vampire rises at dawn!" he shouted.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.